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300 hour Yoga Teacher
Training to go further in
your Yoga path & teacher skills

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our 300 hour Yoga teacher training combination program is specifically designed to suit your needs, whether you are an experienced yoga teacher who simply wants to refresh or deepen your yoga knowledge. Its process allows you to grow and evolve your basic learning whether on your mat or in your everyday life.

The aim of our extensive training brings you to explore and delve deeper, as well as expand the opportunity of your teaching career. Furthermore, this program will help you to ground and establish a solid foundation and a consistent personal practice. This is an intensive and complete immersion program that will take you to discover your yoga journey through new eyes in daily yoga practice, advanced pranayama, meditation, intuitive sequencing, functional alignment of asana, philosophy, anatomy, bandha, subtle body and Nidra. In order to strengthen your confidence and responsibilities as a qualified teacher, you will also be expected to enthusiastically support and mentor the 200 hours YTT students.

Focusing on self-reliance, exploration, sharing and improving both personal practice and teaching, this wonderful experience will allow you to discover and develop new aspects of yourself. The passionate and supportive Yoga Breeze Bali team will accompany you along this journey with their open hearts.

Program duration : 29 days

Daily Sample Schedule

06:00 – 6:30am Shatkarmas / Bandha
06:30 – 7:30am Meditation / Pranayama
07:30 – 9:00am Hatha practice
09:00 – 10:00am Breakfast
10:00 – 11:30am Asana Lab
11:30 – 12:30pm Teaching / Methodology
12:30 – 14:00pm Lunch break
14:00 – 16:00pm Anatomy / Philosophy
16:00 – 16 :15pm Tea Break
16:15 – 17:45pm Vinyasa Practice
17:45 – 18:45pm Study group / Workshop

Day off : One per week

300 YTT Main Topics
105h – Daily Practice
30h – Asana Laboratory
25h – Pranayama
20h – Meditation
25h – Philosophy & History
25h – Anatomy & Physiology
40h – Teaching Methodology
25h – The Art of Sequencing
5h – Yoga Style Discovery

(30 hours are dedicated to
self-studies and homework)

300 YTT Program Details


Daily practice and asana laboratory are both designed to get yourself to establish self-discipline and regularity in your personal practice as well as expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. This particular subject will guide you to review the basics and explore challenging asana to its roots, including arm balance and inversions. Thus the refined knowledge on deeper aspects of each pose allows you to feel more confidence in advancing the teaching method.
The schedule includes a minimum of 4.5 daily hours spread over the topics above

Basics, Intermediate and Advanced Asana covered during this YTT program:

  • Standing poses
  • Seated poses
  • Forward bends
  • Back bends
  • Inversions
  • Twists

Mastery of breath and its consciousness is an inseparable aspect of asana, bandha, meditation, and mudra practices. Pranayama is the practice beyond breath control; It is purposely set to develop the potential expansion of the life force, which will deepen the connection to the essence of the Self. This part of learning will allow you to further understand and apply each pranayama technique within your personal practice as well in your daily life. Wisely, this practice will serve you to provide further guidance in classes you share.

  • Yogic breath
  • Bhramari
  • Nadi Shodana 4 stages
  • Sheetali
  • Kapalabhati Advanced combines.
  • Ujjayi
  • Intuitive Breath

The main purpose of yoga is to attain a union within body and mind. Thus, the practitioners will achieve a calm and peaceful harmony realm. In order to achieve this state, meditation will be part of our daily practice during the entire training. Through specific readings and various practices, you will evolve to understand the pattern of the mind and its possible obstructions. Learn to ground your own practice as well be confident to teach guide meditations.

  • Silence meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Japa mala
  • Mudras
  • Full moon meditation

During the 28 days together, we will explore further paths of living your yoga by reviewing the foundations of yoga practice as a whole through studies, lectures, and discussions. Discover the philosophy behind the asana, learn to add philosophical touch in your teaching and let it beautifully reflect on each practices. This path will lead you into refining your skills within the art of yogic living on and out the mat.

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Through this subject we aim to bring a realization that in fact your body already contains the knowledge of yoga. For instance, together we will sharpen the ability to distinguish skeletal variances and bring forward the appreciation and acceptance of the difference. This will allow us to guide students to be confident and at ease in understanding their body. With the functional over aesthetic approach understanding, we can grasp deeper on body capacity, potential and limitation.

Equally significant, during the training we will explore the energetic body and how it affects the physical and emotional – mental state of being. Studies about Prana, Kosha, Chakra, and Bandha will lead you every step in growing your potential to access your innate life force.

  • The body systems
  • Injuries prevention
  • Skeletal body variance
  • Subtle body
  • Bandha
  • Chakras

The highlight of this program is to ensure your confidence shines, be fully comfortable in your energy, and stay true with your expression of teaching. Our mentoring approach allows you to access support and sharing on every step of the way. Specific classes focus on exploring various vocabulary and expressions in order to find and use the appropriate one for your students. Thus, you will be able to lead and adjust with ease of your voice and less with your body.

  • Intelligent hands adjustments
  • Mentoring
  • Observation and feedback
  • Correct Hands vs language
  • Ethical guidelines for yoga teachers
  • Student’s confidence & guidance approach
  • Create your workshop

A dedicated topic to emphasize on your capacity to adapt both Hatha and Vinyasa classes based on the purpose, student’s ability, levels, possible injuries, specific condition, and so on. Let your creativity speak and dare yourself to explore and learn to reinvent your classes. Inspire and grow your students and its community.

  • Alignment principles
  • Create and structure innovative classes.
  • Improvisation
  • Safe practice and teaching

An intermezzo to your intensive Hatha and Vinyasa course. Various master practitioners will share their passion and the specificities of these different yoga styles. They will deliver at least 2 mini workshops during the training to allow you to discover further and expand your skyline.

  • Ashtanga
  • Yin
  • Kirtan
  • Kundalini
300 YTT Pricing
YTT + 28 nights accommodation
(Prices in USD)
Shared Double Room

Great friendships often begin with sharing!

Private Room

Need space and calm during your YTT?

For 2 Students

Come with a friend, that’s your best offer!

  • Full 300hrs YTT Certification
  • 28 Nights in a shared room 
  • 28 Daily Breakfasts
  • 24 Vegetarian main dish at lunch
  • All course equipment & books
  • Yoga Alliance course certificate
  • Discovering other styles
  • One Balinese massage
  • Closing group dinners
  • Shuttle from airport