Julie Varin

aircraft landing

Covid-19 Update

Yoga Breeze Bali is following the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation and updates on obtaining the necessary visas to enter Indonesia including Bali. Entry formalities in Indonesia, including Bali…

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yoga poses mosaic

Yoga Poses Guide

This yoga poses guide is a very concise teaching aid to remind you quickly the asanas keys and allows you to focus on what is most important ! Designed primarily as pedagogic tool for our Yoga teacher training students, its also a very useful ressources…

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Rishikesh Sadhu

The Yoga History in Brief

Here you will find a brief summary of the unique history of Yoga, from its traditional form to its modern practice as we more commonly know it today. To properly begin, it is important to locate where and when the word and the fundamental concepts of “Yoga” started to make their historic appearances…

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