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full moon

Full Moon Meditation, a Wonderful Window to The Mind

    The Power of The Full Moon on Human Beings Throughout the world, the full moon is known to have influence over living beings in many ways. Whether it is through its tide weaving gravitational field, let’s not forget we are made of 70% of water!

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    The Births of 4 Major Yoga Types, Roots & Connections

      Take a Closer look at the roots of the main Yoga types, their origins, connections, variations, and the thought process behind their creation.. Hatha Yoga’s eight limbs path “Raja Yoga” is the pioneer of modern ‘postural’ Yoga tyles and has been used as foundation for the creation of many other Yoga types, and practices.

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      Melasti Ceremony

      Nyepi, The Balinese Silence Day

        Tomorrow is one of my most cherished day here in Bali. Nyiepi, the Saka new year, is a day focused on self-reflection, most Balinese-Hindu will choose to fast, meditate, and abstain from self-entertainment for the first day of the Saka calendar.

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        yoga poses mosaic

        Yoga Poses Guide

          Our Yoga poses guide will give you a quick access to the asanas keys, their benefits and Sanskrit names. Designed primarily as pedagogic tool for our Yoga teacher training, this is a very concise teaching aid that help you to focus on the essentials!

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          Yoga Poses Index

            Here is an index of yoga postures to help you navigate our Yoga Poses guide and find the Asana main keys & benefits you are looking for.

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            Rishikesh Sadhu

            Brief History of Yoga

              Here you will find a brief summary of the unique history of Yoga, from its traditional form to its modern practice as we more commonly know it today. To properly begin, it is important to locate where and when the word and the fundamental concepts of “Yoga” started to make their historic appearances…

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