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To support the path of our yoga practitioner, teacher training students and any yoga and life lovers, we will publish pratical and theoretical ressources as well as our favorite lifestyle tips.

This Mini-Guide is a very concise and clear teaching aid for Yoga students, teacher as well as practitioners who are looking for a more precise approach with Asana Keys, benefits and Sanskrit names.

Part 3 > Back Bends & Twists

Choosing yoga teacher training that works best for you can be difficult. We have got so many emails from students struggling with their Yoga teacher training research that we decided to create this guide.

YTT style, Location, Duration, Schools, Curriculum, Accreditation…

Here you will find a brief summary of the unique history of Yoga, from its traditional form to its modern practice as we more commonly know it today.

What’s Yoga, the origin, codified Yoga, Modern Yoga…