Covid-19 Update

Yoga Breeze Bali is following the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation and updates on obtaining the necessary visas to enter Indonesia including Bali.

Entry formalities in Indonesia, including Bali

Recently, Bali opened to visitors!
However, for now you will have to fly through Jakarta before you can land in Bali.
Additionally, you will need to apply for a special visa.

The e-visa available online and allows you to enter Indonesia for fees varying anywhere from $ 300 to $ 450 depending on the agency you use. 6 months validity (2 months + 4 extensions)

If you would like to join us and need help obtaining this e-visa or for more information on the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From January 1, 2021 (The latter remains to be confirmed.)
The latest information also announces the possibility for tourists to fly directly to Bali and without a special visa.

About life in Bali at the moment

Still calm, the island is slowly returning to a new normal.
We share a real sense of freedom and safety. Despite the announcement of the March 20, 2020 border closure, we have the opportunity to enjoy the whole island without any restrictions. However, wearing a mask is still required.

About Yoga Breeze Bali teacher training for 2021

We are delighted to be able to welcome you soon.
Six 200 hours teacher trainings as well as two 300 hours are planned for 2021.

Cancellation, change of dates and refund :
During this particular period and in case you were denied entry on Indonesian territory at the last minute due to new immigration restrictions (COVID-19). You will be able to request a transfer of your training dates or even a refund of your deposit as well as the full balance.

Please keep yourself updated regarding your country and airline’s own policies

YogaBreezeBali is a well-known Bali-based company with an honest and respectful code of conduct. We emphasize on high standards, regarding the quality of our trainings and accommodation. Your lead teacher will respond to your email inquiries and questions herself to establish a real connection. If you prefer to have a phone call, we are totally open, simply make an appointment.