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YogaBreezeBali Instructors

Julie Varin lead yoga teacher

Julie is a former classical dancer, she naturally turned to Yoga Inspired by a holistic approach to life. Dedicated to teaching in its most authentic form, Julie focuses on self-awareness to helps students understand their bodies, feelings and emotions. In this logic, Julie wants to bring an understanding of Yoga as a whole, extend its benefits beyond the mat and train responsible and passionate instructor.

Lia Gunawan yoga teacher

Lia’s yoga journey began in 2005, Asanas and meditation practice fundamentally changed her life perspective. Traditional Hatha became her first choice to truly understand what yoga is for her, then she continued to explore some other tradition of vinyasa and yin. Lia hopes you will find your own way of practice and create your own fun journey to live in. For her, yoga is a way of life to be truly alive with love and compassion all around.

Brian Alaman yoga teacher

Brian, is originally from Flores Island (East Indonesia), his yoga journey began after an unforgettable Yin Yoga class that led him to study at Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala School in India. Yoga helps him find inner peace, self-confidence, understanding of life and how to share the love that is in him. Brian is a passionnate and accomplished instructor who desires to help others by guiding them in their own practice.

Sandy Guruh yoga teacher
Sandy Guruh Nugroho

Before I started my yoga journey in 2010, I was a traditional martial arts practitioner. I first used yoga to support my martial practice and significantly improve my body movements, meditation and my breathing technics. Traditional Hatha and meditation became my first choice to really understand what yoga is, then I also explored other styles like Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Its now essential in my life, it helps me to manage confidently, everything that happens around me and inside me

Guests Yoga Instructors

Diaz yoga teacher

Diaz is really creative and passionate, always a student, a practitioner and a teacher. His Vinyasa skill and choreographer background allows him to combine Vinyasa Flow with various influences such as Budokon, Qigong, and Inside Flow. In addition to bringing a lot of creativity, Diaz’s teaching stay realistic, full of happiness, dynamic, rather challenging with free expression intention. Welcoming Diaz at YogaBreezeBali is always a pleasure and a wonderful opportunity for our students.

Putu Dwijendra yoga teacher

Putu is very attached to the traditional Hatha in its complete form. He guide his students to understand the philosophy behind each postures through the use of Pranayama and bandhas combined with the study of anatomy to go futher in. As he likes to say “Do and feel the pose to be able to start to see with the eyes of your heart”. Putu completed his study in 2006 at The Sivananda Vedanta in India, is now a senior instructor running his own yoga school and we are proud to welcome him sharing is knowledge to our students.